Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Breast Feeding Pump & Reviews

Breast Pumps:

Breastfeeding is beneficial both for the mother and child. Properly storing your breast milk can make all the difference in how nutritious and health-boosting it is for your child. Breastfeeding is the best source of nutrition for a newborn baby, according to Michigan State University. For working mothers, the ability to breastfeed their infants can be hindered, which means that the working mother must either pump her breast milk or place her baby on a formula. Breastfeed as often as possible whenever you are with your baby in order to maintain and build up your milk supply.

Women have been doing it in every corner of the world for thousands of years. But just because breastfeeding is natural, doesn?t mean it is always easy. Women use breast pumps for many reasons. Many women use breast pumps to continue breastfeeding after they return to work .

Moms can also check out the Ameda breast pump , breast milk storage options, baby milk bottles , breast pumps by Medela , and other breast pumps. Moms who only pump occasionally and find manual pumps tiring may like the Medela Swing. It operates on electricity or batteries, and comes with a belt clip and strap that can be worn on the neck or shoulder for mobile pumping.

Electric pumps however are more suitable for mom?s who intend on pumping every day. These sends are substantially more costly but really worth the investment over time – especially if you intend to have much more children. Electric breast pumps such as the Medela Pump in Style includes a cooler bag with a slot for inserting your baby?s photo. The Hygeia Enjoye breast pump allows you to record the voice of your baby and play it while you pump breast milk.

With a good breast pump and quality storage material, replacement parts, can make your breastfeeding experience entirely safe and pleasant.  Breast pumps makes breastfeeding easier and convenient and new mothers often try to get one for various reasons. With the right breast pump which you can your trust, you can make sure your baby gets breast milk often and as much as is required.  A quality breast pump also allows other family members, like dads and grandparents to feed your baby if the mother is busy.  This can be done using feeding bottles. Using a breast pumps is a very effective way to continue producing milk for your baby while you are at work.

Hospital Grade Breast Pumps:These professional pumps come in a great deal of different designs and among them Symphony Pump is one of the most sought after one. This hospital grade pumps are for mothers who are unable to nurse due to various medical complications. Hospital grade pump is one of the best options for mothers in initiating lactation and to increase the production of milk.

Madela Pump:Medela Pump & SaveTM Breastmilk Bags 50-pack - Medela 87034.  Tehse are designed for the collection, storage and long-term freezing of expressed breast milk.  Medela's Pump and Save Bags make it easy to keep fresh, nutrient-rich breast milk on hand for feedings. Safe and sanitary, these are the same bags as those used in hospitals. Medela Swing - a very popular model as it?s pretty well the same as the Pump-in-Style except it?s a single version, meaning you can only pump one side at a time. Also lighter, at only 2.2lbs.

Ameda's valve system protects pumped breastmilk from contamination and prevents milk backup in the tubes, making this a good choice if you think you'd like to re-sell your pump later. The backpack style includes a manual breast pump, and a bare-bones version with no travel bag is also available. Ameda helps to make it easy and comfortable for you and your newborn baby. Ameda breast pump's history can be traced back to 1939, when a leading Swedish gynecologist asked Engineer Einar Genell if it was possible to create better breast pumps than the ones in the market back then. Thanks to that momentous meeting, mothers can now benefit from the Ameda Elite Electric Breast Pump, a highly effective hospital-grade breast pump that is known for its efficient aid in expressing breast milk.

Renting of Breast Pump
Rental/clinical grade breast pumps can cost $1,200 or more to purchase and are therefore more economical to rent. Renting a breast pump will be useful if you are pumping for a premature baby. This type of pump has a strong, durable motor and a stronger suction that can help increase your milk supply.